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Explore BeyondClassic, the epitome of interior design where classic and modern aesthetics converge. Rooted in London but inspired by the elegance of South Europe and the warmth of South Asia, our designs transcend beauty, prioritising emotional well-being. Meticulously crafted, each piece enhances feelings, comfort, and style, ensuring not just visual appeal but a sense of true home. BeyondClassic redefines interior spaces, creating a harmonious blend that resonates with timeless elegance and contemporary comfort.

BeyondClassic has truly transformed my living space! The cushions are an absolute showstopper – guests can't help but stare and inquire about their origin. The luxurious feel and handmade craftsmanship speak volumes about the high quality and aesthetics. BeyondClassic has not just elevated my home; it's become a conversation starter, a testament to the perfect blend of opulence and artistry. I'm beyond impressed!

Jane SpenceChelsea, London

BeyondClassiic's dinnerware set has completely enchanted my guests. Every time we gather, their eyes light up at the sheer elegance and sophistication. It's an investment that truly makes a difference – the expensive tag is justified by the impeccable quality and the statement it makes. BeyondClassic has turned my dining experience into a luxurious affair, leaving a lasting impression on everyone who dines with me.

Pietro RosiSoho, New York

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